Creating re-entry pathways for career returners in Australia

Have you hit the metaphorical 'brick wall' in trying to return to the work force after taking a pause in your career? You are not alone.

With a staggering 44% of highly qualified women off-ramping their careers to spend more time with their children, its a wonder why the concept of returning to the workplace is an issue at all. We are talking about a lot of talent here, and career returners include some of Australia's most skilled and experienced workers, who have led teams, run major projects, mentored and maybe owned a business or two. So what is the issue?

This is where the team at ZIPWIRE can help. Set up by two working mum's with very similar experiences, the team at ZIPWIRE have a very personal understanding of this struggle, which is why their aim is to empower and fast-track women on their return to work journey. They also work collaboratively with organisations to break down existing barriers that are biased towards women.

So, to connect with people who are on a similar journey, find practical and proven methods to support you or to access initiatives offered by organisations, visit ZIPWIRE. Their 'Getting Started' page has a wealth of resource to get you started. 


To reach out to ZIPWIRE, visit their contact page here or follow their social media streams on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram