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Education and Policy Advisory for your Business.

Successful integration of work and family starts at the core of any business. Key decision makers need to understand, support and initiate the concept, team leaders need to be just as flexible in their minds, and all members of staff need to be educated and encouraged on the business' collective beliefs, policies and values.


This is where the team at Parents At Work come in. Their pure goal is to work with businesses to create a family friendly future of workplaces that embrace diversity, flexibility and inclusiveness for a wide range of employees by providing work + family education and policy advisory services to enable workplaces and their people to thrive.

Since 2007, Parents at Work have provided over 100,000 families globally with vital family, career and wellbeing services delivered via their digital Work + Family Hub and Coaching Services. They team up with global and local organisations to provide accessible support and have been recognised by the Human Rights Commission for their advocacy works.

To understand more about Parents At Work or find ways to improve your businesses awareness of diverse and flexible employment, visit their website 


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