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Life has this funny way of presenting us with situations that over complicate everything.


We all have factors in our lives that determine whether we can or can’t do what we like, and sometimes the repercussions are big. That’s why it's important to place a strong emphasis on timing and suitability when making choices within our professional life that may have flow on effects to our personal life.


Granted there will never be a time when your ducks magically fall into a row, but you can certainly coordinate them with the following guide:


Understand your situation.

Whether this is something you are deciding to do or something you don’t really have a choice in, understand what does and doesn’t apply to you. Try to maximise your opportunities by finding the most flexible you can be and compare that to the most limited you are. Any room for movement in-between is your golden opportunity and as long as you are aware of it, moving through the recruitment process will be more comfortable and less time constraining.  


Create a timeline.

To find your flexibility and limitation, write a physical timeline detailing all the life factors that personally affect you, including family, milestone events and even vacations you are working towards. Being able to physically see these items in a chronological order can help us identify windows of opportunity and the necessary time needed to prepare.  


Set your goals.

Write down a list of all your desired goals, regardless of how big or small, and then compare them to your timeline. If they fit, add them to your timeline, if they can’t, why can’t they? Can you adjust your life factors to make them fit? And would you want to? These are only questions you can answer.  


Have confidence.

A strong network of support around you is critical for the process you are about to undertake. Knowing you have individuals ready to fall on as much as they are ready to celebrate with you is key to the confidence you need to take risks and challenge yourself. Let those around you know what you are doing, what you are excited about and what you are nervous of and keep them updated as you progress. Too often do we feel lonely and unsure of ourselves only because we haven’t effectively communicated our situation to those who care.

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