Because it takes a village to raise a parent  

The wonderful team at The Parents Village offer a friendly but professional understanding of every child, parent and family's unique circumstance.  They focus not just on your situation in pregnancy or birth, but on each year thereafter, because we are raising children and parents who, no matter what age, need and deserve the right attention and support. 


Founded by and on the personal experiences of two working mums, Kirsty and Lana (meet them here), their goal is to provide the village needed to raise a child and nurture parents too. They do so successfully through the safe and compassionate community of new, expecting and working parents they have grown, along with a strong network of complimentary service providers, referring specialists and health practitioners. From counselling services, to prenatal education and postnatal mothers groups, through to coaching to revive or redirect your career, or even just wanting to have a chat, the team are here for you. 

So, to speak to someone about your situation, the expectations you have on yourself or your family, career advice, skills you wish to acquire or confusion regarding current priorities, visit The Parents Village to find a wealth of resource and support. 


To reach out to The Parents Village, visit their contact page here or directly call Kirsty (0414 841 585) or Lana (0413 389 620)