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Helping organisations attract female talent and achieve gender balance faster.

Interrupted career paths are the reality for many Australian women. If a career break exceeds 2+ years, the ability to return to meaningful work is extremely difficult. Without supported pathways, thousands of educated and capable women are not returning to their former careers; with many working below their competency or not at all. That is a huge resource of talent!

The team at ZIPWIRE can help by creating supported pathways for Australian returners to find purposeful roles. They work closely with organisations to ensure either side of the employment process is inclusive and supported to create a safe and secure return to work environment. This enables high retention and a well regarded reputation to match. With an overarching focus on ‘Talent Pipeline Development’ and ‘Setting up for Success’, their business specific strategies have unlocked hidden talent for many organisations.

To find out more on ZIPWIRE and how to win the war on talent, visit zipwire.co and more specifically their 'Business Services' page.