Over Fifty Still Fabulous

Life is a journey and not a destination 

Founded by the inspirational Louise Di Francesco, this organisation is determined to raise awareness of ageism and engage attention from a variety of industries and Government bodies. The support and resource available through their website and social media streams has created a strong and safe community of professionals in varied stages of life.  

"Over Fifty Still Fabulous is a community for men and women to engage, collaborate, learn, be inspired, have fun and enjoy."

They take a strong approach towards coping with life changes and career challenges individuals in this age group may face, and encourage everyone to embrace their wisdom and experience rather than believe they are on the downhill. 

They believe your best years begin after 50, as you have experienced a lot of life's ups and downs and know exactly what works best for you, so there is no reason why you can't do it. The resources at Over Fifty Still Fabulous can help you to put this into action through strategy, planning, continued learning and most importantly, motivation. 

The  only person holding you back is...you. So don't always accept what you are told and visit Over Fifty Still Fabulous to find the support and motivation you need to drive the absolute best out of your life journey. 


To reach out to Louise Di Francesco you can connect with her directly through LinkedIn, alternatively read her blog here or follow her social media streams on Facebook and Instagram