Let's Work Together! #MakeAustraliaWork - A response to the Coronavirus pandemic 


Talk about good initiative, JOBS FOR AUSTRALIA is a Not-For-Profit organisation of volunteers from the Talent Acquisition & Human Resources industry who are motivated to provide help and support to those affected by COVID-19.

As 2020 has presented the globe with an unprecedented economic crisis, the impact has been profound on both a micro and macro scale.  Global markets have shifted and we are all dealing with the repercussions in our own homes. Within Australia alone, thousands of people have lost their jobs and several businesses have closed their doors.


There would be very few of us who do not know someone who has had their employment affected, and whether it is yourself personally or someone you know and want to help, JOBS FOR AUSTRALIA is a great online resource for motivation, support and action when it comes to finding that next career opportunity. Their team of HR & Talent Acquisition Professionals assist job seekers with their Resume, LinkedIn profile, Interview preparation and personal branding.  

"We have spoken to many Talent Acquisition professionals whose roles have been impacted by COVID-19 and are offering to work with jobseekers to empower them to look for work. We will also work with HR Directors to assist with the redeployment or recruitment process by matching job seekers with companies that have a hiring need."  

So if you or someone you know has been effected by COVID-19, if your business has an urgent hiring need, or even if you would like to join the movement and volunteer your services, visit the JOBS FOR AUSTRALIA website to find a wide range of resources and support. 


If you are an employer or job seeker, you can follow the prompts through the homepage links here or to join the movement visit their volunteers page here. Alternatively you can follow their social media streams and blog here for a range of articles on preparing for interviews, writing resumes and more.