With such a wide variety, you can do almost anything within the public service


The Australian Government has released a new Jobs Hub in response to the trialing global pandemic of COVID-19, the bushfires, drought and other recent events that have devastated parts of Australia. This hub is an integral support tool to our economy and will hopefully help many individuals find the right type of employment, quickly and efficiently.


A major component of this hub includes career opportunities currently available in the public sector. Given the wide variety of industry that the Australian Government works within, you can pretty much find just about anything that works with what you are passionate about. 

"From large departments to the smallest agency, all public servants have the Australian public at the heart of what they do."

So, for a career in construction, administration and management all the way through to emergency services, defence and aviation, visit AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT JOBS to scroll through the job boards and find what is best for you. 


For any questions or enquiries you can use Jobs Hub Feedback and Enquiry Form. Questions regarding a particular role are answered through the actual job listing.